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    Introducing Playvelo
    A free-to-play fantasy cycling game
    Who's in your team?
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    Fully featured fantasy cycling game
    Fully optimised for mobiles and tablets
    Play anywhere, any time.
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    More races
    We feature all of the World Tour races, all of the .HC races
    And all of the women's world cup.
PlayVelo: Fantasy cycling

Built by cycling fans for cycling fans, playvelo aims to empower fantasy cycling players with features previously only found on premium systems.

Fantasy Cycling 2015

With playvelo you get all this:

Social Media Integration

Fully integrated with social media - log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account - no need to create a separate account.

FREE Statistics

Statistics for all riders, teams and events is included FREE with PlayVelo - the only fantasy cycling game to do so.

Womens World Cup

Playvelo features all races from the Womens World Cup series of events.

Mobile & Tablet Support

Play on desktop, laptop, web-tv, tablet or mobile device; PlayVelo works on all devices!

World Tour & Pro Continental Races

In addition to every race of the Men's elite World Tour events, PlayVelo features all of the HC ranked pro-continental races.

And more...

Join up today to discover all of the features of playvelo.